Things You Must Know Before Volunteering Abroad


You may be getting excited because you have landed an internship or a spot in a volunteer program abroad that you have been longing for. You are even gearing up to have the time of your life. While it is true that the memories you make while in the program abroad will last a lifetime, it is good that you know a few things that will make your time abroad much easier. These are things that most people will not tell you because they believe that they are basics. However, just in case you do not remember here is a compilation of five things that you must know before going abroad.

The first thing that you need to do is do basic research on the country you are going to. You should know a bit about its people, their culture, and language. While you are at it, learn a little about their cash system. It does not hurt to know about their exchange rates it may save you from those out to con you. Start learning their language to ease your communication. However, you will be lucky if you all speak a similar language because you will have an easier time with things such as directions or any other assistance that you may need. You can even volunteer in india.

The second thing you should do is resist the temptation to carry a lot of luggage. Pack lightly and set aside money to get store-bought clothes when you get there. However, do not sacrifice good shoes for walking as you reduce your luggage.  You will be walking a lot, so you need to carry good walking shoes meant to last. You will be rewarded for packing light when you get space to carry your souvenirs on your way back.

 Make sure that you carry extra money because you may need it for emergencies that may come up. There is nothing as bad as having an emergency away from home when you have no money to take care of it. Having a miscellaneous is the way to go.Know more about internship at

 You need to know how the healthcare system works in the country you go to. Medical emergencies can come up, and you need to know how the system works. Get to know the policies surrounding over-The-Counter drugs. This is because you may need to purchase them. Make a point of getting a vaccination for the diseases that are a threat to foreigners.

Do not be shy; make friends social so that you get to understand the people better. It will help with the success of your program. In fact, if you befriend they will assist you by giving you information that may assist you during your stay. The information could be of the prices of things, places to get the best deals or useful caution that may keep you from harm. Read about hospital internships.

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